Strategic Review and Planning

We engage with NGOs, Corporate Social Responsibility teams and donors to carry out participatory and comprehensive reviews of their work spanning quantitative and qualitative dimensions, and seeking out what is apparent as well as what lies at the root. We work with organisations to sharpen their mission for the future, translate them into specific goals and objectives, and design strategic pathways to achieve their long term vision.

Impact Assessment

We co-create impact frameworks with our partners and carry out assessments of the efficacy and effectiveness of programmes they have undertaken. The Impact Assessment exercises align closely with both organisations' mission for long-term impact as well as their compliance and regulatory requirements.

Programme Design and Execution Support

We design programmes and provide execution support to organisations across the profit and non-profit spectrum on a range of themes around the enablement of marginalised people – securing livelihoods, addressing climate change, developing watersheds, ensuring clean drinking water, accessing quality education and health services, empowering gender equality, enabling persons with disabilities.

Organisation Development
and Governance

We advise organisations on their practice, process and policies to finetune their alignment with their vision and to help work towards achievement of their mission with improved structures, human resource allocation and management.