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Nous Consultants

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Uniting Possibilities

Bringing together the fundamental and the practical

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Uniting Experience

Converging 360-degree experience
for development solutions

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Blending Perspectives

Synergising expertise for deep
and wide impact

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Ensuring Ownership

Partner engagement and ownership at the core

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What We Do

Nous Consultants is a fraternity of developmental experts with leadership experience spanning civil society, academia, corporate sector, and the government.
We work with non-profit organisations, donors, foundations, and Corporate Social Responsibility teams to co-design and co-execute strategic and long-lasting solutions for social impact.

Pillars Of Our Work


We have a unique approach of collaborating with subject matter experts from multiple fields. This allows us to harness the power of our network to gain diverse perspectives and experiences to create innovative strategies for our clients.


We work by diving deep into the issue at hand. We take into account the big picture and then explore the essence of the problem to create multi-dimensional approach to solve problems.


We generate durable frameworks which will self-learn and continue yielding a positive impact in society.

Our Belief

We believe in the need to bring together the fundamental and the practical while solving any problem. And our experience has been that in most situations it is indeed possible for this blend to happen.
We believe that, for too long, we have tended to view both problems and solutions from sectoral perspectives of the state, market, and civil society.
We believe in the need for combining multiple perspectives and thus, arriving at a more complete understanding and a more wholesome solution.
We believe in working closely with our clients, as partners, so that they own both the analysis and the solution.

Why Choose Us?


Because our world is one of blurring boundaries where problems and solutions can no longer be viewed in the silos of the State, markets, and civil society.


Because we bring together deep expertise of creating social impact, spanning grassroots action, funding, CSR, policy and governance.


Because we are a fraternity of experts with 360-degree experience spanning the continuum from the grassroots to the government.


Because it takes multi-sectoral competence to find solutions to complex realities.


Because we are 100% committed to our clients and
their needs.

What Our Partners Say?

“I feel happy for your excellent contribution in the Anandam project that initiates the ‘joy of giving’ in students for acts of goodness, caring, giving and sharing with the community. I sincerely appreciate the work NGOs have done and contributed in the workshops to develop the process of implementation of the project Anandam, keeping the time limitations into consideration. Throughout the whole project the team of NGOs have put in hard work and completed this project as per given directions and achieved the goals within the stipulated time. The dedication and commitment you have shown is appreciable. I would like to congratulate you and thank you for being with us in achieving this noble cause. It has been a pleasure working with you and we would like to continue this association we have developed during this period. I wish you success in your future endeavours.”

Shuchi Sharma (IAS)
Secretary, Higher and Technical Education
Government of Rajasthan

“Neelima Khetan (of Nous Consultants) was asked to do an organizational review of CAFI, a donor and fund aggregator institution. Her report was outstanding. It was both analytical based on careful collection of data and it was sensitive to issues to do with organizational culture. She was also able to point out step by step how CAFI can improve its efficiency through better use of technology and HR practices. She was able to point out how CAFI can create greater staff ownership of its mandate. The report was practical and implementable and what made it special was that Neelima was able to do this in spite of all the limitations of COVID lockdown. I wish Nous the very best in their pursuits.”

- Som Mittal
Chairman, Charities Aid Foundation India
Former Chairman and President, Nasscom


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